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The Ills of Technology

I use technology everyday, be it the phone in my pocket, the watch on my wrist, or the computers I produce my work on. Although I always appreciate the advancements we have made and the positive impact it's had on our lives, it's important not to let it consume us. This series of paintings explores that idea, reminding us not to forget the world and the people closest to us.

See some pieces of the collection below:


A man on his phone during a New Years celebration in Times Square.
A boy plays a video game on his iPad at the table. A message notification from the boy's mom at the top of the screen reads "Hey honey, can you please pass the salt?".
A man cloaks himself in a towel while using his laptop at the beach, in order to see his screen in the sunlight. Other beachgoers are having a blast in the background.
A POV of a car crashing. A man's phone with an open text message chat is thrown into the air as glass shatters and the airbag expands.
A man is on his phone in the middle of a forest with a campfire. Tens of glowing eyes are shown peering through the trees.
New Year, Old Me

Times Square isn’t that interesting anyway. Especially for the New Year.